Contact Point Sinus Headache: Sinus headaches and anatomy

Causes of sinus headaches: Sinogenic headaches and the controversy over mucosal contact points

Sinus headaches, or sinogenic headaches, are a symptom of sinusitis, when experienced in combination with other sinusitis symptoms.

In some instances, individuals suffer from sinus headaches without other sinusitis symptoms. The cause of these sinogenic headaches is the subject of controversy. Some argue that this pain is the result of mucosal contact points within the nasal cavity. A study of outcomes from endoscopic sinus surgery on patients with mucosal contact points showed relief from sinus headaches for those patients.1

Others argue that the relationship between the presence or non-presence of mucosal contact points and facial pain is unrelated.2

Sinus headache diagnosis

The presence of a sinus headache can be evidence of any number of conditions. Patients who are suffering from a persistent or recurring sinus headache should discuss the condition with their physician.

Patient treatment options for sinogenic or contact point headaches

There is limited evidence that sinus surgery can relieve pain associated with mucosal contact point sinus headaches. Sufferers should discuss all available treatment options with their physician or specialist.

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