Recurrent sinusitis: Living with recurring sinus pain

Trapped in a cycle of recurring sinus infection and repetitive routines of prescription and over-the-counter medication

People with recurrent sinusitis experience similar symptoms to sufferers of acute or chronic sinusitis (sinus pressure and pain, discolored drainage, loss of smell and taste). The key difference is in the frequency of an outbreak.

Recurrent sinusitis sufferers are stuck in a repetitive cycle of outbreaks, sometimes suffering through symptoms three, four, five or more times a year. This cycle has a significant impact on quality of life - missed work, detachment from family and social life, and fatigue from loss of sleep. For people living with recurring sinus pain and infection, the need to take control of their suffering can lead to elaborate routines designed to avoid or control an outbreak.

Causes of recurring sinusitis: Narrow sinus openings, blocked drainage pathways, failed healing

Medical management can sometimes address immediate symptoms, such as infection, but the narrowed drainage pathways can remain, increasing the likelihood for future blockage.

Break the sinusitis routine: Restore drainage with balloon sinus dilation

In the past, recurrent sinusitis sufferers were largely restricted to medical management to treat their individual outbreaks of sinusitis. Now there is a new choice - balloon sinus dilation.

Balloon sinus dilation is a quick, in-office procedure that opens up the drainage pathways and restores drainage - not just addressing the symptoms of an outbreak, but changing the anatomy that can contribute to repeat outbreaks.