Sick of Sinus 
Pain & Pressure?

If you're ready to put an end to sinus pain and suffering, find out how a quick, in-office procedure that uses a little balloon can provide immediate and lasting sinus relief.

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Get Better

A new clinical study shows balloon sinus dilation is as effective as traditional sinus surgery in delivering long-term symptom relief. And patients recover 70% faster.1

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A Comfortable,
In-office Choice

Unlike other sinus surgery procedures that require a long recovery period, balloon sinus dilation is quick and comfortable. Many patients resume normal activities the same day.2

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You Don't Have
to Live With
Sinus Pain

For many sinusitis sufferers, medications provide only limited or temporary relief from sinus symptoms. A balloon sinus dilation procedure is a convenient alternative that delivers lasting relief.

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Get Back to
Sleep, Get
Back to You

Sinuses causing restless nights, poor sleep, and daytime fatigue? Balloon sinus dilation reopens blocked sinuses—leading to improved sleep and more energy to better perform day-to-day activities.3

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Take this simple assessment to see
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suffers from recurrent or
chronic sinusitis - and how
to get help if you do.

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Patient Success Stories

Real People.
Real Experiences.

Millions of Americas suffer
from sinusitis. Hear from
patients about their struggles
with sinusitis and how balloon
sinus dilation has
improved their lives.

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